Wilson Staff Model R ’20 Golf Balls 15007732- White Dozen

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Like Staff Model, Staff Model R is a Tour-caliber, 4-piece urethane golf ball that also delivers unmatched precision, speed and consistency. It s also the first golf ball to feature an unpainted urethane cover that delivers a lower flight trajectory, and grabs the wedge surface for enhanced greenside spin. For Staff Model, Wilson implemented a finely controlled paint application process. The result is a more uniform coat of paint that translates to more consistent performance and supreme shot-making confidence. This is the ball for players who demand the utmost in confidence and consistency. This is performance perfected.Unpainted Urethane Cover: The urethane cover has been left completely unpainted, creating a perfectly even surface for true balance and straighter flight.V-COR Advanced Performance: A unique core composition magnifies energy to generate maximum velocity off the club face for greater distance performance.4-Layer Spin Control: More layers. Higher spin. Better control. Unmatched distance and shot-shaping off the tee. Tour-level workability on the fairways. Predictable stability on approach shots and exceptional control around the green.

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