Volvik S4 Golf Balls, green

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Change your game while playing Volvik S4 Golf Balls. Designed for golfers with swing speeds 105 mph and up, Volvik S4 Golf Balls feature a Bismuth dual core construction to enable accurate shot control, increased ball speed and explosive distance. A stable 90 compression inner core creates softer, heavier feel, while the Tour-urethane cover unlocks “Tour Pro” control around the green. The optimized 336 dimple design creates accurate, stable flight. Design: Premium, tour performance golf ball designed to provide maximum distance and extreme accuracy 90 compression ideal for golfers with swing speeds of 105 mph and up who seek mid-soft feel Bismuth dual core construction enables accurate shot control, increased ball speed and more distance Patented Urethane cover equipped with 336 dimple pattern creates a softer feel and consistent flight Stable inner core cover creates a softer, heavier feel and enhances ball speeds at impact Radially concave dimple design increases flight time for high lift and improved control 4-piece construction balances between feel, distance and control 12 Pack

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