Volvik 2020 VIVID XT Soft Yellow Golf Balls

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Elevate tee-to-green performance with Volvik® VIVID XT Soft Golf Balls.These golf balls are specifically engineered to enhance distance for slower swing speed golfers without sacrificing any feel or control. This high-performance tour ball features a 70 compression core construction offers explosive power and distance. The VU-X urethane cover unlocks greater accuracy through stable and consistent flight. FEATURES: Glossy finish, high-visibility golf ball designed to provide longer distance for lower swing speeds Engineered for golfers with driver swing speed between 75-95 mph 3-piece construction for low driver spin, high wedge spin and mid to high shot trajectory 65 compression core construction provides explosive distance and performance at impact Dual Power Core technology provides enhanced distance Urethane cover for improved feel High-visibility finish enables enhanced shot tracking High performance tour ball 12 Pack

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