Srixon 2019 Z-STAR XV Golf Balls – 3 Pack, green

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Elevate ball speed and distance while playing Srixon Z-STAR XV Golf Balls. Engineered for golfers with swing speeds at or above 100 MPH, Z-STAR XV Golf Balls deliver Tour performance from tee to green. Srixon’s thinnest, softest Urethane cover combines a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern and Spin Skin with SeRM technologies to enhance feel, ball flight and control at the molecular level. A FastLayer Core starts soft and gets progressively harder near the outer edges for exceptional feel and ball speed. 2019 Srixon Z-STAR XV – Maximum Distance: Z-STAR XV provides maximum ball speed for unmatched driver and iron distance. Its premium 4-piece construction gives skilled players complete Tour performance, tee to green Specifications: Swing Speed – 100+ MPH Launch – Mid-High Construction – 4 Piece Cover Material – Urethane Cover Thickness – 0.020 in. Compression – 102 Dimple Number – 338 Ball Count – 3 Pack Spin Skin with SeRM – Revolutionizing Spin, One Molecule at a Time: Srixon’s thinnest, softest Urethane cover construction yet produces incredible performance Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) is a spin-enhancing urethane compound that coats the ball Extremely resilient material enhances spin due to unique molecular structure – “movable cross-linking” Spin Skin with SeRM digs deep into wedge and iron grooves to maximize spin and stopping power Engineered to provide the friction required for “one hop, stop” performance 338 Speed Dimple Pattern – Go Straight in Any Wind: Designed to improve overall aerodynamics for better flight performance with drivers, fairway woods and irons Dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy characteristics combine to boost distance and stability in harsh conditions Lower drag coefficient helps shots travel with less resistance for longer, more penetrating ball flight Reduced drag lessens the effect of wind for straighter, more stable ball flight in windy conditions Higher lift coefficient pushes up on the ball during decent for increased carry and distance FastLayer Core – A Core That’s Hard and Soft: Srixon has engineered a core that’s simultaneously hard and soft for balanced performance Soft center gradually becomes firmer around the edges enhances feel from tee to green Designed to give high speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed

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