Srixon 2018 Soft Feel 11 Brite Red Golf Balls, Women’s

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Distance never felt as good as it does with Srixon Soft Feel 11 Golf Balls. An energetic, 60-compression Gradient Growth Core enables high launching, low spinning performance off the tee for incredible distance gains. A soft, thin Ionomer cover combines with a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern elevates accuracy, control and feel on shots from the tee to the green. The two piece construction strikes a player-preferred balance between distance, feel and spin control. Matte Visual Performance Matte cover coloration enables enhanced visibility through the air and turf Energetic Gradient Growth Core A softer center becomes gradually firmer around the perimeter for soft feel while maximizing ball speed 338 Speed Dimple Pattern The same pattern used on tour by Srixon staffers increases distance by reducing drag especially in windy conditions Durable, Soft Cover Ionomer cover is remarkably thin and soft, producing ample spin for more greenside control

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