Pinnacle 2019 Soft Personalized Golf Balls, Men’s, Blue

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Key Features of the Pinnacle 2019 Soft Personalized Golf Balls: High-energy, low compression core creates low spin for longer shots and increased feel Incredibly soft, ionomer cover maintains extremely soft feel on all shots Advanced icosahedral dimple design contains 332 dimples to ensure consistent, powerful ball flight Gain incredible feel while playing Pinnacle Soft Personalized Golf Balls. Designed to satisfy the demands of golfers from every skill level, this soft ball delivers an extremely soft feel and low spin for longer shots off the tee. The 2-piece construction, featuring a high-energy, low compression core, maintains an extremely soft feel on all shots. A soft, ionomer cover with an advanced icosahedral 332 dimple pattern creates consistent, powerful ball flight. Design Details: Designed to deliver consistent feel and low spin performance regardless of the club Equips golfers of all types who are looking for soft feel on every shot 2-piece construction allows for high launching shots with an extremely soft feel around the greens and off the putter face 15 Pack

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