Callaway Superhot 70 Golf Balls – 15 Pack, Men’s, White

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A perfect union of distance, accuracy and feel, Superhot 70 Golf Balls elevate performance. The low compression, high-energy Polybutadiene core combines distance-enhancing energy and remarkably soft feel. An Ionomer cover works with an HPF Ionomer mantle layer to tighten shot dispersion by lowering spin for reduced hooks and slices. HEX Surface Geometry features a 332-dimple pattern to create longer, more stable flight and incredible carry. FEATURES: Super long, super straight design maximizes performance while maintaining excellent feel Low 70 compression Polybutadiene core lets golfers compress the on iron shots for long, straight flight Callaway’s proprietary High-Energy Core chemistry combines distance-enhancing energy and great feel Ionomer cover formulation pairs with HPF Ionomer mantle layer to limit spin and reduce hooks/slices HEX Surface Geometry dimple pattern creates higher flight and longer carry for added distance 332-dimple pattern creates complete coverage for optimized accuracy and control 3-piece design provides the ideal blend of distance, accuracy and feel 15 Pack

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